There are roughly 230 million vulnerable children living in conflict ridden areas throughout the world, living with hostility and without creativity, with fear and without joy of adolescence.  


Our Mission

We are adding a new variable to conflict transformation - MUSIC. At Chords of Peace, we believe wholeheartedly in the power of music to rebuild communities and restore lost childhoods. We intend to send music minded volunteers and professionals to countries recently afflicted by conflict. And with music at the center of their creative engagement with children, communities will gain a source of self-expression, reconciliation, and peace. Children are often neglected and seen as predominately victims. But our goal is to empower children and let them know that they have a voice. Through the universal power of music, we will sculpt that voice.    

Children are dropping out of childhood. We must envision a society free of conflict where children can grow up as children, not as weapons of war.
— Devaki Jain