There are a number of mission-driven organizations that address the humanitarian needs of children in post-conflict areas, but none have the ambitious goal of rehabilitating and reintegrating children through music. Our bold task is to visit local communities following conflict and engage in music camps with children. We believe that children should not be treated just as victims. We see an urgency to interrupt the erasure and continued victimhood of children in communities ridden by war and violence. The mental health of the next generation is a crucial, and underestimated, element of post-conflict reconstruction. Through music, children in post-conflict communities will take ownership of their selfhood, creativity, and psychological well-being.

Our volunteers are passionate about what they do, knowledgeable about music, and motivated to make a difference. They are trained in music education and will help facilitate camps when school is not in session. Our camps will run a few hours everyday and aim to instruct all levels of music proficiency from beginner to experienced. It is our belief that these camps will not only allow children affected by conflict to have an outlet for self-expression, but also provide the solace of social inclusion after a witnessing their community torn apart by violence. Reclaiming their lost childhood through music camps, these children will use the arts to cope with their shared exposure to violence. There will also be opportunities for a child to seek professional counseling if they choose to do so, as we want to create an environment that is welcoming to a child to share their experiences, if they wish.