Goma Part III

Hey all! Patrick here.  I’m going to chime in to discuss some of the content we covered on day one of the camp!

Like Connor said, upon arriving at CAMME, we were met with an abundance of hugs and a musical act!  What a great way to meet the children and staff at CAMME.  Before class began, we took a brief tour of the school where we were shown the various classrooms and offices.  There were four functioning classrooms at the school and one being built.  Outside was an older building which housed some chickens that the school donates to foster families, a play area underneath a tree, and the outhouses. 

Eventually we made our way into one of the classrooms where the schools music teacher, Voldie, was working on some songs with the children.  Immediately we were blown away by Voldie’s voice as well as the kid’s collective voice! Within a few minutes Voldie passed the class over to us and we began!

To begin, Connor and I introduced ourselves to the kids at CAMME and gave a little background on Chords of Peace and what we wanted to accomplish with the school.  We handed out buckets and sticks and began making music!  We began with some call and response activities, during which time we helped children adjust their stick grip and technique.  Throughout the class, the students learned various easy “drum set style” beats which they played on their buckets through the use of two tones.  We had students partake in a number of improvisitory call and response activities where the students made up rhythms so that we were able to gauge the abilities of each student.   Children partook in activities such as volunteering to come up to the front of the room and be the “beat-maker” where they created short rhythms for the rest of the class to copy.  We proceeded to go over a number of rhythms and how they are written, such as quarter-notes and eighth-notes.

We ended class with a game of Musical Simon Says.  This ended up being a hit!

By the end of class, the students at CAMME were able to play and read a number of basic rhythms using quarter-notes and eighth-notes, copy rhythms that were presented audibly, and write basic rhythms using western notation. The children seemed to be having a good time, and we definitely were.

After class we met with the various staff members at CAMME where we discussed the day and the plan for the week ahead.  We sat in a circle in the office where each person had to share something they liked about the program and something they needed to improve. We ended up doing this everyday after class and it proved beneficial for everyone.  This was not only beneficial for the program, but we built bonds with each other and got to know one another.

After our meeting we were driven back to our hotel by Amos and began preparing for Tuesday’s class!

More to come!