Meet Patrick! Director of Music

Hi! I'm Patrick, another person behind Chords of Peace. Along with everything that Connor said in the previous blog post, I would like to add my gratitude for your interest and support in our organization. Not only does your support help us achieve our mission, but directly helps children who face horrors that we can not begin to comprehend. So, THANK YOU!!

Yes, like Connor mentioned, this ambitious idea was first dropped on me in my backyard while I was grilling burgers for a good friend from college. As Connor explained his initial ideas for Chords of Peace (then – unnamed), I was first taken aback by the greatness of the cause, then by the fact that I was asked to be a part of it. 

After months of developing the idea together we can not be happier with our mission. Being a music educator in New York City, I see first hand the positive effect music can have on children in need. Not only does music provide enjoyment, but educational opportunities, a platform for creativity and individuality, a forum for understanding different cultures and history, and a place to “get away.” As music transcends all cultures and all adversity, it is the perfect tool to help children regain a sense of themselves that may have been lost, it is a tool  to regain their childhood.  Because Connor and I both share a passion for music, political sciences, and helping others, we are excited to push our agenda of overcoming conflict  through music forward. 

Help us spread the word about Chords of Peace. Every like, share, and donation we receive places us one step closer to fulfilling our mission!