Meet Chords of Peace

Hi Everybody!

I'm Connor, one of people behind Chords of Peace!  After we announced
over social media last week, we received so many positive messages,
donations, and questions from our new supporters! So for starters,
Thank You!  Nothing would be possible without the generous support of
our network.  We are striving to be a grassroots organization, to
raise awareness to this cause that Patrick and I are so very
passionate about.  It could not be possible without the support of all
of you!

How did Chords of Peace become a reality?  To be honest, I was driving
home one day and had, what some may call a "eureka" moment.  I was
doing some soul searching about what I what I really wanted to do with
my life.  I have always had a deep passion and appreciation for music,
and knew I always wanted a job that could somehow incorporate that.  I
also love international affairs.  When I was completing my masters,
something always stuck out from my reading on various conflicts.
Children are always victims, and never given a platform for inclusion
and reconciliation.  So I decided to merge both ideas-using music as a
tool for children in conflict regions.

In October 2015, I ran the idea through Patrick, while we sat in his
backyard and he cooked burgers on the grill.  He needed some time to
process this bold idea, but eventually decided to come on board, had
has been a tremendous asset and even better partner!  It's been 7
months of hard work, making connections, going to meetings, lawyers
etc.  But we are pleased that we are seeing this idea become a

At the end of the day, we both have been privileged to live a
relatively comfortable life, and have enjoyed the joy that music
brings.  We simply want to bring that joy to millions of children
who's childhood has been tragically non-existent.

Do us a favor and spread the word about Chords of Peace to everyone
you know.  We want to raise awareness and shed light on the number of
children who have been affected by the horrors of conflict!