Chords of Peace was founded by Connor Patterson who has knowledge of conflict, but a passion for music.  He noticed that children are often neglected after conflict and are seen as victims with no voice.  This cannot be tolerated.  Connor decided to explore opportunities that would connect his passion for music, while creating a platform that would help children reclaim their childhood.  With this in mind, he conceptualized Chords of Peace.  Connor holds a MSc. in Conflict Studies from the London School of Economics and BA's in History and Political Science from Queens College-CUNY.

Patrick Kennedy is a co-founder of Chords of Peace and has a sincere passion for music education.  Patrick attended the Aaron Copland School of Music, where he obtained a Bachelor of Music degree in Percussion Performance, and an Advanced Certificate in Music Education.  Patrick currently teaches music in a New York City public school.  He believes that music can act as an agent of rehabilitation, as a platform to voice your individuality, and as a therapeutic way for children who face violent conflict to regain their childhoods.  

Together, we believe in the collective power of music to reclaim the millions of lost childhoods throughout the world, while providing a safe platform for children to be creative and express their emotions.